Record-breaking power efficiency at Nordjylland Power Plant unit 3

Nordjylland Power Station

Nordjylland Power Station


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Nordjylland Power Station, unit 3, is a 400 MWe coal and oil fired unit commissioned in 1998. In addition to producing power, the unit supplies heat to two district heating companies in the town of Aalborg.

The plant has the highest power efficiency proved by coal fired plants. The high efficiency was achieved by using the most advanced technologies such as:

  • Ultra supercritical steam data (290 bar/580 °C)
  • Double reheat
  • 13-stage condensate and feed water preheating.

The unit is equipped with a wet FGD unit, a deNOx high dust SCR system and ESP in order to comply with current emission standards. 

Ramboll (formerly Elsam Engineering) optimised the unit with regard to high efficiency and environmental compliance and provided all engineering services needed. 

The plant was procured according to the split package approach. Ramboll was in charge of project management, overall plant performance and the complete functioning of the plant. 

The services also comprised: 

  •  Feasibility study
  • Conceptual engineering for total project
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Tendering and procurement activity
  • Grid connection study
  • Site management services, including erection super-vision and commissioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Overall responsibility for programme and budget.