Germany as one wind farm - database with all onshore wind turbines

Windpark Deutschland (2017): More than 26,000 wind turbines (onshore), situated in geographically correct position

Windpark Deutschland (2017): More than 26,000 wind turbines (onshore), situated in geographically correct position


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Creation of a unique data base which provides important reference data for all onshore wind farm projects, enabling fast and reliable energy processing of yield estimations and assessments in Germany.

Wind farm Germany (2017): More than 26,000 wind turbines (onshore), correctly geo-referenced

For more than 20 years we have focused on the data of operating turbines which could be used as a reference for our clients’ projects. Collecting all available data we have built and maintained a database which is unique on the German market insofar as it is the only database in Germany covering all wind turbines installed – providing a solid base to our colleagues working on wind assessments in Germany, and enabling a variety of geographical analyses by GIS.

The database contains the key technical specification of the wind turbine generators (WTGs) (types, hub heights, rotor diameter), power curves, project specific restrictions on operation (e.g. noise reduction), ownership etc.

Initially, in the early 1980s, the database was set up on the basis of data from the WMEP program beginning in the 1980s. Subsequently, the database was fed with data provided by IWES/IWET, data published by the “German Grid Agency” and with data recorded during site visits for the several thousand energy yield assessments that we have done so far in the German market. The database is “living”, being updated constantly and frequently (at least monthly) and within the work for any new energy yield assessment or estimation. 

To our knowledge there is no similar database available in the market, and therefore there might be no one knowing the energy level of Germany’s development areas as well as us.

Technical data

As per May 2017 the total number of operating turbines registered in our database is 26,400, the number of dismantled turbines amounts to 3,700. The database contains information on key specifications (type, hub height, rotor, nominal power, power curves), geographical data (x, y, z etc.), date of commissioning, operational restrictions (e.g. noise, shadow flicker) ownership, complexity of the site area etc. 

Services provided

  • Reference data for energy yield assessments or estimations 
  • Information on installed wind turbines, their technical specification etc. 
  • Base data for GIS analyses – e.g. complexity of German wind site areas and installed WTG types
  • Generation of low-scale maps showing nation-wide distribution of WTG for German Wind Energy Assciation (BWE)
  • Generation of map layers used for atlases etc. (Westermann “Schoolatlas”)