Holmestrand - The world’s first mountain railway station



A new fourteen kilometers double track through the city of Holmestrand will greatly improve the rail services on the Vestfold line. Rambøll is responsible for the design of seven kilometers of the line and Holmestrand Station.

Most of the new double track will run through a tunnel. Only 400 meters of the fourteen kilometers line will be located over the surface. The new tracks will be connected to existing tracks at Nykirke, south of Holmestrand. The construction of the line between Holm and Holmestrand has already started, and the planned opening of the complete line is in December 2015.

High-speed trains will pass at 250 km/hour

The Holmestrand station is located in a mountain entrance hall, combined with several access tunnels. A parking place and a public transport node are planned close to the station. Special emphasis has been placed on safety, escape routes, ventilation and noise reduction. 

The entrance hall will be designed to allow high speed trains to pass in 250 km/hour, with a special emphasis on managing air pressure, noise and wind speed. This demand sets a special emphasis on pressure, sound and the wind speed in the entrance hall.

A situation that demands special care

Managing the ground water and securing a tight tunnel are important as both the tunnels and the station are located under urban areas on the Holmestrand plateau. This situation demands special care towards tightening and ground water control.

Many disciplines involved

The project is interdisciplinary, and requires a high demand of coordination. Two major subcontractors, NGI and Public Arkitekter AS (Denmark) are contributing. We work out detailed planning, zoning plan, building plan and design, inclusive tender documents.